Wescor Inc 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge Works

Wescor Inc 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge Works

Wescor Inc 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge Works

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CALL BRENT - 1-866-MHZ-ELEC - MHZ ELECTRONICS INC. 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge comes with what you see in the pictures.

If you don't see it, you probably wont get it. Electrical Requirements: 120 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 60 Watts. Condition: Used, excellent condition, powers up and functions nicely, works well.

General Description: The medical technologist has a demanding job. Any advance that makes this grueling, often under-appreciated work easier will be more than welcome.

Enter the Wescor Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge. The cytocentrifuge is, of course, no stranger to the laboratory. However, few significant advances or improvements have been made in recent years.

The cytotechnologist has been saddled with equipment that leaves something to be desired in the way of ease, convenience, and quality of results. With the help of experienced laboratorians, we designed and built a cytocentrifuge that puts unsurpassed ease of use, flexibility, and safety at your command. Like all cytocentrifuges, the Wescor system uses centrifugal force to sediment cells from liquid suspensions onto microscope slides.

The resemblance ends there, as a demonstration in your laboratory will unequivocally prove. The patented Cytopro system is a complete, integrated system including an instrument console with touch-pad controls and an eight-station cytocentrifuge rotor. The chamber Assemblies consist of a sample chamber, Cytopad® Absorption pad, and a frame that all snap together easily.

The Wescor sample chambers are the heart of the Cytopro system. Their unique design combines ease of use with superb cell recovery. The Cytopad snaps quickly between the chamber and the frame. This guarantees that the pad is always correctly aligned with the tunnel. No fumbling, and no cell loss due to poor alignment.

Cytopads are made with a controlled compression ring around the sample hole. This controls the rate of fluid absorption and allows compensation for lot-to-lot variations in paper quality for more consistent results. Dual Sample Ports (single chamber only).

Two ports, one in the sample well and one in the tunnel, provide great versatility, allowing you to introduce pre-wetting fluids and making in situ fixation easy and reliable. You can load samples directly through the chamber caps to prevent spilling of hazardous samples. Caps provide added safety to the operator. A large, centered cell deposit area makes screening easier and more sensitive.

The Cytopro system is ideal for the busy laboratorian. Using it is truly uncomplicated; chamber assembly, sample loading and programming are accomplished in seconds. Chambers are easy to assemble and load Assembling the Cytopro chamber is very easy.

No fumbling with a spring-loaded assembly. Chambers and Cytopads fit securely together with foolproof precision. No more cell loss because of misaligned filter cards. Youll be surprised how simply the chamber and slide load into the rotor. The ends of each slide are fully visible to you for accurate patient ID.

The rotor bowls shallow profile makes sample loading more convenient than with a deep rotor. Simply pipette sample fluid directly into the sample well or tunnel (maximum sample size: 0.5 mL) or through vents in the chamber cap with a slim tapered pipette or a micropipette. The semi-transparent sample chamber allows visual confirmation of correct sample volume. Programs are easily retrieved, or quickly cleared.

The user- friendly display visually confirms inputs, current settings, or operation cycle status. Program memory is protected even in the event of a power interruption. Pressing down on the chamber release lever cleanly separates the Cytopad from the slide. Both the slide and the sample chamber can then be easily removed.

Cytopros unique ergonomic design makes slide removal virtually foolprooftheres no chance of smearing your cells. Slides emerge with cells deposited in an easy-to-screen 7 mm area. This provides 36% more area than the standard 6 mm area for greater diagnostic sensitivity.

Chambers can be discarded with the used Cytopad, or can be autoclaved and reused with a fresh Cytopad. For Your Protection: Your safety is of paramount concern to us. Therefore safety is one of the grounding principles of the Cytopro system design. Cytopro was designed, not only to quickly and efficiently deposit samples on microscope slides, but to provide as much protection as possible to the operator.

This is important since you will have to deal with the pathogenic and/or highly resistant samples that are becoming so common today. The Cytopro system gives you several layers of protection: The lightweight autoclavable Cytopro rotor provides a stable and accessible platform for loading in a biological hood. Sample wells have caps that prevent spillage of samples if the rotor is dropped or tipped. The rotor lid locks and seals securely to provide aerosol containment. The instrument lid automatically locks down during operation.

Sensors quickly detect any rotor imbalance and stop the cycle. An emergency stop button interrupts the cycle if needed. After cytocentrifugation, its easy to remove chambers and slides without contacting the samples. Discard used Cytopads, and reuse or discard chambers as desired.

Exceptional Versatility: Versatility is one of Cytopros major strengths. The system satisfies a wide variety of sample treating requirements, including.

Choice of Absorption Pads Cytopads come in two absorption speeds that are color coded for ease of use. The white pad is for faster absorption of thick or debris-filled suspension fluids. The brown pad is for slower absorption of thin fluids such as CSF where slower flow enhances cell recovery. Disposableor Reusable Chambers Wescors unique Cytopro chambers are competitively priced for disposable use, or they can be reused after suitable cleaning. Prewetting Versatility The tunnel port accepts saline or other fluids to pre-wet the absorption pad at the beginning of a cycle. This exclusive patented feature significantly improves cell recovery. In situ Fixation A common problem with Papanicolaou staining is air drying of the sample cells. In situ fixation during the cytocentrifugation cycle is the most reliable way to prevent this problem. In situ fixation with Cytopro is very simple. Load a few drops of sample into the tunnel port, then load fixative into the sample well. As the rotor accelerates, the cells are fixed after they sediment onto the slide. Chamber Volume: Double 0.3 mL per chamber; Single 0.5 mL per chamber.

Rotor Slide Capacity: Up to 8. Rotor Speed: Programmable, 100 to 2000 RPM. Display: 4 line by 16 character alpha-numeric LCD dot matrix. Touch Pad Controls: Numeric programming keys 0 thru 9; Run, Stop, Program Accelerate - High, Med and Low.

Operating Time: Programmable 1 to 99 minsutes. Dimensions: 43 cm W x 24 cm H x 53 cm D (17 W x 9.5 H x 21 D).

Clearance Height (Lid Open): 58 cm (23). Weight: 12.25 kg 27 lb.

Safety Features: Lid interlock: Lid must be closed during operation, and is locked down during rotor rotation. Most of the time, people are impressed with the job we do because we customize our own skids for larger items and we take the utmost care to provide a safe and cozy journey for your item. We strive to make our customers happy and want you to feel that we have treated you with the ultimate respect. The item "Wescor Inc 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge Works" is in sale since Monday, October 29, 2012. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Healthcare, Lab & Dental\Medical & Lab Equipment, Devices\Centrifuges".

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Wescor Inc 7620 Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Centrifuge Works

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