National Hand Torch 3A-B glassblowing lamp working

National Hand Torch 3A-B glassblowing lamp working

National Hand Torch 3A-B glassblowing lamp working
Based on Common sense & Empathy. The National hand Torch 3A-B is the standard around the world, for glassblowing. A specially designed leak-proof "O" ring union permits the tip and elbow assembly to be rotated to any desired angle without the aid of a wrench.

Now the flame can be easily directed to allow the most comfortable torch/hand position. Fuel Gas With Air or Oxygen.

3A-B torch operates efficiently on a variety of fuel gases (city, natural, mixed, propane, butane) with oxygen or compressed air. The combinations of gases customarily employed are handled with equal ease.

This is because of the unique proportional gas mixers... Just select the proper type of tip for the gases used and your application. Economical To Operate And Own.

So we thought, why not let our customers have access to the best glassblowing tools from around the world. This torch, requires a tip, of your choice, and regulators, for both oxygen and natural, or LPG. We are not stocking these yet, as they are best bought locally from your trusted gas supplier.

Other countries have different size threads, so we though it was a good idea, to let out customers source their accessories, and we can take care of the hard to get stuff. We also sell the tips, so be sure to look at all the different tips, matched for this torch. When items are out of stock, we will endeavor to get your product to you, at any cost. This may mean we may import from China, if necessary.

Do not worry, we have glassblowers there that work for us, and the quality is excellent. IT is important to know, that in general, and especially to most buyers, that most glassware from china, is of either extremely poor quality, or if you are super lucky, it may be acceptable. We personally work with glassblowers around the world, and the stereotype, while unfair, is not always true.

There are excellent glassblowers in china; You just have to know where to look, and that is what we specialize in. This will probably never effect you, but there is. 01 % chance that we may be out of stock, and if this concerns you , just message me before hand. The item "National Hand Torch 3A-B glassblowing lamp working" is in sale since Thursday, June 21, 2018.

This item is in the category "Industrial\Healthcare, Lab & Dental\Other Healthcare, Lab & Dental". The seller is "sciencesupply" and is located in Adelaide. This item can be shipped worldwide.
National Hand Torch 3A-B glassblowing lamp working

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